Should photographers do wedding fairs?

Should photographers do wedding fairs?

The question shouldn’t be ‘Should photographers do wedding fairs?’ but ‘HOW should photographers do wedding fairs’?

I’m going to let you into a little secret. Photographers can do very well from wedding fairs even if no-one turns up, you book no weddings, and you get a crippling back ache from standing around all day. Is it just me or do exhibitions GUARANTEE a bad back?

Yeah, yeah, it’s helpful to see what everyone else in the industry is up to, but I’m not talking about that.

I’m not even talking about networking with the other exhibitors (although that can be very fruitful).

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How can wedding photographers make money in winter?

How can wedding photographers make money in winter?

Discover the simple secrets that enable wedding photographers to continue making money in winter.

Wedding and portrait photography can be feast or famine. Many photographers work almost every weekend through the spring, summer and early autumn and then realise they haven’t got enough funds or new business to survive the winter.

I’ve got a bunch of solutions for you – and I’m not going to just tell you to save some of your summer money to see you through the winter. Here’s how you can thrive in the bleak mid- Continue reading

Packaging for large framed photos (over 40×30 inches!)

Packaging for large framed photos

It’s extremely important you package your large framed photos and canvases appropriately. After all, does a jeweller hand you a diamond necklace in a brown paper bag?

Finally! After about 18 months of sporadic (but rigorous!) searching I’ve found some high quality packaging for large framed family photos.

I’m a huge advocate of portrait photographers focusing on creating framed portraits of a decent size for their clients to display on their walls.  After all, it’s the best way for them to get the most enjoyment out of their photographs because they can see them every day as they go about their daily life, unlike CDs that get slung in a draw or gets used to print some little 8x10s from the local high street lab. Of course the other great thing about decent sized wall Continue reading

How photographers can take credit card payments cheaply

Cheap credit card reader for photographers

There are many times it’s critical photographers can take a credit or debit card. I’ve found a great option with one small one-off cost and no monthly fees…

Let’s see if this sounds familiar…    A couple come to see you about your wedding or portrait photography. They like your work and they seem really keen.

“Great, let’s get this booked in”, you say.

“Do you take credit cards? We haven’t got our cheque book with us for the deposit (or session fee, if it’s for portraits)”, they say.

So, out the door they go promising to pay it online as soon as you email your bank details to them.

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Photography X Factor

Photography x Factor

If you were in ‘Photography X Factor’ how would you get on and why? How could you do better? Read on…

In X Factor it’s rarely the best singers who rise to the top. It’s the personalities. It’s the interesting people. Most of a pop star’s time is taken up with marketing, not creating albums. It’s the same for a photographer. Creating photos is a small part of what you do.
You need to stand out.
If you’re copying what everyone else is doing then clearly you won’t.
What do I mean by copying? What is everyone Continue reading

Networking: the best way to grow your photography business

Networking: the best way to grow your photography business

Building a network of friends and alliances in your community through the simple act of being helpful is the single most powerful way of growing your photography business. Geek & Poke ©2008

One thing your competition can’t copy is your network of businesses and alliances who are prepared to build a mutually beneficial relationship with you.

A business, charity or organisation that’s prepared to recommend you is gold dust. It means a constant stream of new prospects contacting you. I’ve networked with bridal stores, wedding venues, jewellers, hairdressers, estate agents (realtors in the US!), a language school, a dog kennels and many more.

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4 tips for learning how to price your photography

4 tips for learning how to price your photography

Maybe I’m a lilly livered softie but learning how to price my photography and overcome my fears of discussing price was my biggest hurdle.

Maybe I’m a lilly livered softie, but the thing I struggled with most when starting my photography business was pricing my photography. I was terrified people would say something like:

“How much! That’s ridiculous!”

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Don’t do what everyone else does

Don't do what everyone else does

If you copy everyone else in the photography business you’ll get the same average results…. …and the average results in this industry are minimum wage I’m afraid…

Did you get as many ‘Black Friday’ emails as I did? I sign up to a lot of marketing and photography blogs so I probably get more emails than most people.

Deal after deal peppered my inbox. As soon as I’d scanned one email another took its place. I’d originally planned on promoting some of my products over this period, but no…

…I always talk about differentiating yourself, so I wasn’t about to become another mindless sheep.

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Include all the photos in your wedding albums

Include all photos in wedding albums

If you’re asking brides to choose 50-100 photos for their album, but showing them a few hundred images it’s putting unnecessary stress on them. They have to choose which friends and family to leave out. Not a nice job.

If you include all the photos in your wedding albums you’ll stand out from every other wedding photographer who asks their clients to choose 50-100 photos out of several hundred.

Your prospects and clients will be so relieved that they’ve finally found a wedding photographer who offers a service that has a solution for one of their biggest concerns. Check out the video below to discover more about how and why I take this approach. Continue reading

Scary facts about photography pricing


Scary facts about photography pricing

To celebrate Halloween I thought I’d show you the grim reality behind what most photographers charge. On the plus side I offer some great solutions to problem, including my free pricing chart.

Happy Halloween! It was the flip of a coin whether pricing or sales instilled more fear into photographers. I went with pricing since the cold hard facts of photography pricing speak for themselves when you run the numbers.

Just last week I was chatting with one of my interns about this very subject. I could tell by the look on her face that she was a little concerned when I said it’s virtually  impossible to make any kind of a living if you’re only making £150 ($200) per portrait session. Her face told me I needed to prove it.

I whipped out my smartphone and brought up the calculator. There are about 233 working days a year (based on 2 days off per week, 8 public holidays and 20 days annual leave).

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